Peasach and Plett

Dear Lionel, Ian, Baruch and Nussbaum staff, 
I would just like to thank all of you for your help and attention you gave me over this very trying time of "Pesach". 
Your homely manner of dealing with your customers is an element that is unique and much appreciated. 
Thank you for organising to schlep down my crates of meat to plett. 
Without you, Peasach and Plett would never happen. 
You have all been so professional and so pleasant and I thought it would be nice to hear a compliment for once. 
I will always be grateful. 
Hope you all have a well deserved break knowing you are feeding 99% of the Jewish community. 
All the packed on holiday kilos are due to your efficiency 
Thanks for that 
Yours Truly 
Kim Tobias and family

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