Kosher and Kashrut


Nussbaums is Mehadrin under the supervision of the Johannesburg Beth Din. There are two Mashgichim on permanent staff who ensure that the highest standards in kashrut and kosher meat are upheld.  Mehadrin Commission and Beth Din split chickens are available.



Health Standards

We are South Africa's only kosher Butchery that is Pick n Pay Food Safety Accredited.
We are highly rated in our ongoing regular health and hygiene tests. Our strict code of personal health and hygiene are continuously monitored and spot checks performed.
Fresh  clothing and head coverings are distributed daily and all boots sanitized entering and leaving work area.
The flooring in all areas has a sophisticated drainage system for continual water flow not only for koshering purposes but continual washing down and cleaning too.
All kosher product packaging and kosher meat processing areas are kept under controlled cold air refrigeration as stipulated by the health department.

All kosher meat deliveries are in temperature controlled vehicles.



Factory Equipment

All factory equipment, such as smokers, cookers, mincers and refrigeration are modern, state of the art machinery.  All work surfaces are stainless steel which for hygienic purposes allow for easier cleaning.  Ensuring you the finest in quality kosher meat.

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